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Loviisa Libraries

Loviisa Central Library, at Kuningattarenkatu 24, is the former society house. The society house, which was designed by architect G. Th. Chiewitz in the 1860s, was renovated to house the library in the 1990s. During the restoration works, the original ceiling frescoes were revealed.

There are also branch libraries and a library bus in Loviisa. There are varying exhibitions in the libraries.

Liljendal branch Library,
Kartanontie 27, 07880 Liljendal

Pernaja branch Library,
Kiesitie 3, 07930 Pernaja

Tesjoki branch Library,
Keskustie 2, 07955 Tesjoki

Opening hours available at

Loviisan Kirjastot Lovisa Bibliotek

Kuningattarenkatu 24, 07900 Loviisa
044 723 0242

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Loviisa Libraries