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Fishing in Loviisa

At the coastal Loviisa you will find plenty of opportunities for active leisure like fishing. You can spend your holiday for example in high-class cottages and enjoy the archipelago by boat, fishing and picnicking. What should you consider before going fishing - a fishing licence? Why not make it easy and head to the seas with a local fishing guide?

General fishing rights are rights comparable to everyman's fishing rights, but unlike everyman's rights, the general fishing rights may or may not be subject to a fee. Hook and line fishing, ice fishing and fishing with a simple herring rig are free general fishing rights that do not require a permit or the payment of a fee.
The right to recreational fishing within the Finnish economic region and in the Finnish public water areas in the Baltic Sea is a general fishing right that requires the payment of the national fisheries management fee if the angler is 18–64 years old.

National fisheries management fee
You can buy general fishing licence from
Brandensteininkatu 17
07900 Loviisa
+358 20 69 2424
or on the internet
This license is called the national fisheries management fee.

Permit from the owner of the water area
If you will go fishing with more than one rod or want to go fishing for special restriction areas, then you should also buy a permit from the owner of the water area.

For Loviisa waters, these permits can be purchased from:
St1 Loviisa & Safcafe
Länsikaari 1
07900 Loviisa
+358 19 517 100

Fishing permits for Kukuljärvi lake:
Fishing Center Kotka
+358 5 281 288
or lunchrestaurant Fellmanni
Koivulanmäentie 2
07970 Ruotsinpyhtää
Strömfors Iron Works 

Fishing permits to Koskenkylä fishing park and the rapid:
Koskenkylän kahvio
Koskenkyläntie 2
07700 Koskenkylä

Fishing inspectors supervise all fishing activities on state and city-owned areas.

See here for more information on the national fisheries management fee and when you need a permit from the owner of the water area:

Why not hire a fishing guide!

It is possible to go fishing with a guide, so you don't need to worry about licences or equipment because the guide takes care of them. Besides they also have a boat to take you out to the best fishing spots!

Fishing Guides in Loviisa region:

South Coast Fishing Adventures
tel. +358 400 714 673

Fisherman’s Adventures
tel. +358 440 495 030

Augur Kalastuspalvelu
tel. +358 50 594 2983

Fishing Lords
tel. +358 40 561 0630

Fishing Center Kotka
tel. +358 5 281 288

Have a nice fishing trip to the sparkling waters of Loviisa!

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Fishing in Loviisa in the midnight sun.
Photo: Teemu Silván

For more information: Loviisa Tourist Office

Mariankatu 12 A, 07900 Loviisa
040 555 3387
Fishing in Loviisa