Enjoy nature and activities in Loviisa!

Enjoy nature and activities in Loviisa!
Excitement and speed, or silence and quiet? Those who like to exercise will be charmed by the versatile outdoor sports facilities Loviisa has to
offer. Welcome to enjoy fresh air and feel good!

Ehrensvärd’s trail
The beautiful Ehrensvärd’s trail starting from the Rosen and Ungern fortresses is of historical interest. Along the twokilometre
trail you can enjoy nature and study the different stages of the fortress construction.
Starting points at Urheilutie or Ungernintie.
Print maps to the trails and hikes at loviisa.fi
or fetch them from Loviisa Tourist Office.

The Bay of Loviisa and the shielded archipelago, numerous rivers… The opportunities for canoeing are plenty. A beginner can start the
hobby safely under the guidance of a canoeing and wilderness guide. Equipment and guides can be rented at Adventure and sports service Valpuri and Natura Mare.
facebook.com/valpurillavesille, natura-mare.fi

Strömfors Outdoor
Strömfors Outdoor at Strömfors Iron Works is a leisure centre specialized in outdoor experiences. You can rent equipment there,
reserve guides for trekking and enjoy canoeing, biking, hiking, climbing...

Golf & Fishing
At the coastal Rönnäs you will find plenty of opportunities for active leisure. Golf fans, both leisurely and pro, enjoy the great
27-hole golf course. You can spend your holiday in high-class cottages and enjoy the archipelago by boat, fishing and picnicking.
ronnas.fi, seagolf.fi

Mariankatu 12 A, 07900 Loviisa
tel. +358 40 555 3387, info@loviisa.fi


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