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Place to Sleep Hotels

The modern concept of Place to Sleep Hotels guarantees that we can always offer accommodation of high quality to a reasonable price. Costumers don’t pay for additional services, these can instead be bought from the other service providers, like restaurants, in town. This gains both the travelers and the businesses in town.

The first Place to Sleep hotel opened in May 2017 in Loviisa. More hotels will be opened in the months and years to come, all around Finland.

We would like to think that Place to Sleep creates a whole new category of hotels, ‘smart hotel’, which means the following:

We are the smart choice for the costumer, it is smart to only pay for what you need.

Place to Sleep Hotels are managed in a smart way, keeping the concept cost-efficient and using as much technology as possible, in order to keep the price down without having to lower the standard.

In spite of the low prices, we invest in good beds and well-equipped rooms. The rooms are decorated in a nordic, fresh and simple style - Nordic Simplicity.

Here starts the revolution of accommodation.

We welcome you to the Place to Sleep Hotels alone, with your partner or family, or with a bigger group. With us you pay only for what you need, and get service of guaranteed nordic quality.

Place to Sleep Hotels

Brandensteininkatu 17, 07900 Loviisa

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