Catch the sights in Loviisa!

For example, the beautiful market square and its surroundings, the Bonga Castle, the Kappelinpuisto Park, town museum, old lower town, Suolatori (the ”Salt Square”) and the Laivasilta area with old salt warehouses. Other points of interest are the Myllyharju windmill…

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Check out the events in Loviisa in 2020!

There are plenty of events in Loviisa throughout the year.
Come and let the Loviisa bug bite you, thus you will have a good excuse to come back. Loviisa’s charm lies in its beauty and friendliness, relaxed atmosphere and versatile events with a personalized touch. Loviisa is worth experiencing!

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Adventure in the nature

Loviisa offers plenty of beautiful nature sights. One of them is the Kukuljärvi trail.

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