Loviisa Tourist Office serves by phone and e-mail

The services of Loviisa Tourist Office will be withdrawn remarkably according to the guidelines of the City of Loviisa and the government of Finland because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. The customer service point of Loviisa Tourist Office is closed…

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Help for tourism during the coronavirus situation

Do you need help or advice in the coronavirus epidemic? Here is important information for you.

Entrepreneurs in Loviisa, also in tourism! Cursor gives advice how to find information and apply for assistance in the coronavirus situation.

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The City of Loviisa informs: Coronavirus COVID-19 preparedness measures

The City of Loviisa follows the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation and operates according to national and regional guidelines. The guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) are for the residents and visitors to follow.


For more information and guidelines here.

Dream now, travel later!

Loviisa is worth experiencing! Loviisa’s charm lies in its beauty and friendliness, relaxed atmosphere and versatile events with a personalized touch. Come and let the Loviisa bug bite you, thus you will have a good excuse to come back.

here are plenty of events in Loviisa throughout the year. Many events have been cancelled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus COVID19 epidemic or postponed to 2021.

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Adventure in the nature

Loviisa offers plenty of beautiful nature sights. Remember to keep the distance during the Coronavirus COVID19 epidemic.

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