The Coastal Loviisa is the best small town in Finland!

Loviisa, founded in 1745, has an interesting history. The town features fabulous town architecture, an inviting guest harbour and a unique feeling created by historical buildings, parks and  gardens, and a compact town centre. Pictorial countryside, beautiful archipelago, old Strömfors…

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Dream now, travel later!

Loviisa is worth experiencing! Loviisa’s charm lies in its beauty and friendliness, relaxed atmosphere and versatile events with a personalized touch. Come and let the Loviisa bug bite you, thus you will have a good excuse to come back.

There are plenty of events in Loviisa throughout the year. Many events have been cancelled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus COVID19 epidemic or postponed to 2021.

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Adventure in the nature

Loviisa offers plenty of beautiful nature sights. Remember to keep the distance during the Coronavirus COVID19 epidemic.

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