Galleries and exhibitions

Enjoy culture in the galleries and exhibitions in Loviisa!

Art Gallery Alm – Loviisa art centre Almintalo

The association Loviisan taidekeskus Almintalo organizes varying art exhibitions and events throughout the year. Antique & Art sells old things, paintings and sculptures from a private collection.
Open Tue–Sun from 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

Bongan linna - Bonga slott - Bonga Castle

Bonga castle

Bonga Castle, the inspiring gallery of the professor, artist Riitta Nelimarkka. She is an international artist exhibited all around the globe.
The gallery and the atelier of the Bonga Castle is open for groups of max 25 people upon reservation and around the year.
Entrance fee.

Galleri Emilie – Art & Shop Loviisa

Galleri Emilie – Art & Shop Loviisa

Varying exhibitions, a small shop and a dark room where the gallerist makes photography and design work.

Galleria - Galleri - Gallery Saltbodan

Gallery Saltbodan

Varying exhibitions at Laivasilta Marina in summer. Open during the opening hours of the Café Saltbodan.

Loviisan Taideyhdistys ry / Lovisa Konstförening rf

Loviisa art association organizes varying exhibitions around the year.

Klassiset veneet - Klassiska båtar - Classical boats

Klassiset Veneet – Classical boats

Sauna for rent

Rikbergkera - keramiikkapaja - keramikversktad - ceramics shop


Ceramics shop and gallery. Open during bigger events and by agreement.

Accommodation possibility in the sauna building beside the ceramics workshop and the gallery, open by agreement.

Strömfors Iron Works Galleries

Exhibitions at the Tallinmäki in Strömfors Iron Works.

The galleries Vintti- and Aulagalleria and Galleria V2 on the Tallinvintti attic are open in summer.
Free entrance.

It is possible to rent the gallery.
Contact the association Vireä Strömfors.

Accessibility: Go up to the galleries through a ramp with the help of an assistant