Loviisa boasts several historical manors, of which Malmgård Manor and Labby Manor are open for visitors.

The master of Malmgård Manor, Count Creutz, has harnessed his estate for organic farming. Upon booking, the visitor can tour the manor house, enjoy the ecologic scenery, enjoy coffee or lunch, as well as buy organic produce from the manor shop. In addition to brewing beer, beer tastings are arranged at Malmgård. At the manor shop you can find organic produce from the own estate, own brewery as well as from other producers in eastern Uusimaa.

Historical Labby Manor is located in the vicinity of Isnäs village. Around the manor spreads 130 hectares of fields, pastures, forests and yards. The main building of the manor, built in the 18th century, was moved to its current place from Suomenlinna fortress in 1865. Labby is renowned for its organic and biodynamic
farming. The manor park is currently undergoing restoration into its original form. There are a multitude of woody stemmed plants and old perennials in the small tree species park. Tours are arranged for groups interested in the park of the manor and in farming. Visitors can also see the old cheese cellar and the granary, which includes the museum tool collection.

Embom manor

Bed & Breakfast accommodation for groups upon agreement.

Malmgård manor

Manor, estate shop, cafe and brewery.

In the estate shop we grind and sell our organically grown cereals, including wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, emmer, “lantvete” and “svedjeråg”. Even the cold-pressed turnip rape oil is grown on our fields. In our shop we also sell jams, jellies, juices and vinegar from our gardens. Freshness is our key focus – freshness with preserved aroma and intact nutrients.

Labbyn kartano - Labby Gård - Labby Manor

Labby Manor

Organic farm, farm scale permaculture, accommodation-, catering-, renting- and camp operations. Farm tours and coffee for groups by request.