Parks and gardens

Public parks, gardens, rose gardens, produce gardens, town yards, classical shaped gardens, a still pond with wetland plants – the variety of Loviisa’s gardens is abundant. Come for inspiration and relaxation.

Kappelinpuisto park

Kappelinpuisto - Kapellparken

Kurkipuisto “Crane Park”

Loviisan Kurkipuisto - Tranparken i Lovisa - Crane Park in Loviisa

Stone Park at the Rantapuisto park

Loviisan kivipuisto - Stenparken i Lovisa - Stone park in Loviisa

Eija's Garden

Eija’s Garden

English style experience garden (1,5 ha) with a shop and a café for the whole family at Ahvenkoski village, a couple of kilometres south of Strömfors Iron Works. Open in summer season.

KuninkaanLampi - Puutarha - Trädgård - Garden


Private garden, pop up café and a shop. Open on weekends in summer and during bigger events.