Find little doors and song benches!

The little folk of Loviisa – the ageless and timeless wee people who are skilled in many ways but not in doing magic – live their lives in their own world, hidden in houses in Loviisa. There are those who see them on occasion, others never do.
Artists, artisans and handicrafters have created own doors for the little folk in their own houses. Each door is different and opens the way into the imagination of the spectator: what kind of little folk live behind this particular door?
Stroll through town and hunt for the doors of the wee people. The Path of the little folk takes you from door to door in the historical Lower Town district, the Garnison district and the Loviisa City Centre.

The Path of the little folk in Loviisa opens doors to the world of imagination! There are also little doors at the Strömfors Iron Works.

The park benches entice you to sit awhile with their songs and poems. The benches on Myllyharju ridge have song lyrics. There are poems at Laivasilta and the Esplanad Park in the centre.

Do you also notice the painted cable cabinets and rag rugs in the streets? May the adventure begin!

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