Jill and Joy

The super popular movies about the girls Jill and Joy (Onneli ja Anneli) have been filmed in Loviisa. The movies are based on the beloved books by Marjatta Kurenniemi. Why not come and see how the town of "Catnip" looks like in reality!

The Jill and Joy playhouse

The Jill and Joy playhouse at Kappelinpuisto is open in summers. The playground at Rantatie is open all year round.

The Jill and Joy playground, Rantatie

See the film shooting sites in Loviisa, and sense the feeling of the town of “Catnip”! Find the right places easily with the map, that you can download here. Visit also the blue playhouse in the Kappelinpuisto park which was used when shooting the films. In the Rantapuisto park there is a playground accessible for disabled persons. The playhouse in the playground was also inspired by the immensely popular movies of Jill and Joy. The City of Loviisa is one of the main partners in cooperation of the movies.

A new movie about Joy and Jill was filmed in Loviisa during the summer 2016. It has been in the movie theatres from January 27th 2017, also in the Kino Marilyn in Loviisa. The lead roles are played by Aava Merikanto and Lilja Lehto and the movie is directed by Saara Cantell. The production company for the movies about Jill and Joy is Zodiak Finland.

The first movie, Jill and Joy, is a story about two best friends, and the vacation of their dreams, when they get a house of their own. Summer in their house is filled with adventure and surprises.The first movie was filmed in Loviisa in the summer of 2013. The second film, about Jill and Joy’s winter, was filmed in Loviisa in winter and spring 2015.

Read more about the makers of the film, see the trailer, get to know the characters in the film and all kinds of other fun stuff at the address:

zodiakfinland.fi (in Finnish only)

Photo from the movie Onneli, Anneli ja salaperäinen muukalainen – Zodiak Finland