In the centre of Loviisa you can find playgrounds for children:

In the Laivasilta area, behind the red buildings and restaurant Saltbodan, the address is Laivasilta 4, 07900 Loviisa.

In the Kappelinpuisto park, between restaurant Loviisan Kappeli (Kuningattarenkatu 19) and Generalshagen primary school (Kuningattarenkatu 21).

At the beach, Plagen (Kapteenintie 5), there is a play boat, where the children can entertain themselves.

There is a nice playground on the Myllyharju ridge, opposite of the old wind mill. Nearby to the south there is also a workout place for adults.

In the surrounding of Loviisa:
Smaller playgrounds can be found in the residential areas, for example next to the kindergarten in Rauhala (Pesurintie), in Antinkylä and Määrlahti as well as in the countryside. In Ruotsinpyhtää there is a playground in the Iron Works area next to the stage on Tallinmäki. An other playground can be found next to the school, together with a traffic park in the corner of Puistokuja and Koulutie (07970 Ruotsinpyhtää).

A list of playgrounds in Loviisa (in Finnish)