Strömfors Iron Works

The Strömfors Iron Works offers visitors the chance to enjoy relaxing holidays in a beautiful and historically significant environment. The old craftsmen tradition is continued at the iron works, which makes the setting unique. Life in the century-old area continues whilst maintaining old traditions.

The governor of Uusimaa and Turku province,
Johan Creutz, founded the iron works in the
westernmost junction of the Kymijoki River in 1698. Strömfors Iron Works got its name in 1744, when Jacob Forsell and Anders Nohrström acquired the iron works. In 1790, the iron works got a new manager, the 31-year-old Virginia af Forselles, who managed Strömfors Iron Works for almost 60 years. A large part of the well-kept environment and constructions currently on display at the iron works are from this period.

In addition to the museums and handicrafts shops, the area has restaurants and a cafés. All year long, visitors can stay at the holiday apartments and the Krouvinmäki inn, which is partly made of clay.

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Photo: Creative Peak