The Kukuljärvi trail

Hiking on the Kukuljärvi trail

The Kukuljärvi hiking trail’s starting point is at the village centre’s sports centre in the Strömfors Iron Works. The trail is about 8 km long and leads you through heights and breathtaking scenery. The route is partly non-accessible for the physically challenged. Non-slip shoes are recommended due to some rocky inclines, cliffs and bogs.

It is possible to swim at Kukuljärvi lake and to grill sausages at the recreation sites by the lake and the river Kymi. The recreation sites are meant for short pauses only. When a forest fire warning is in force, it is forbidden to start an open fire in or near a forest.

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Download the map of the Kukuljärvi trail here by clicking this link.

You can also see and download the map of Kukuljärvi trail and the recreational areas of Ruotsinpyhtää and other nature trails here on (in Finnish).