Café Kabböle Marina

Cafe and gas station, small shop next to the sea. Also summer market on dedicated days.

60°18,33′ 26°04,91′

Cafe&Bar Tirkku

Café-restaurant, bar, take away and shop in Isnäs, Pernaja.

Café & Restaurant Lilja

Café, restaurant, gas station, take away and shop in Sävträsk, Liljendal.

Café Riikka

Café at the bowling hall.

Café-Restaurant Saltbodan

Restaurant at Laivasilta

Lunch and á la carte -meals, café and bar in sea surroundings.

Café Ström & Fors

Café in Strömfors Iron Works is open on advance booking.

Conditoria Corint

Confectionery, bakery and café

Favorit Cafe & Teashop

Cozy Cafe and Teashop in a house from the 19th century.

Baked in the cafe, open daily

Fisherman’s food

Fishmonger and café in Ahvenkoski.

Il Duo

Ice cream kiosk at Loviisa town square

Italian artesan gelato

Lounaskahvila Elmerelli

Lunch buffet and café.


Pajakahvila is a bar/café located in an old smithy building in the middle of the Strömfors Iron Works. Open summertime.

Photo: Johanna Holvikallio

Pieni Sokeripala

Bakery, café and shop in Loviisa centre.

Cakes and other sweet and salty pastries.

Shell Loviisa

Gas station and café

Restaurant Ruukinmylly

Restaurant in Strömfors Iron Works, open summertime and for reservations.

Person limit: Restaurant: 60, Terrace in summer: 60