Big Bear Sauna

Sauna for rent

The sauna will be transported to your wished destination

Person limit: 10

Meritorppa sauna cottage

Sauna cottage, fishing guide and programme services in Rönnäs, Isnäs.

Person limit: 14

Sauna Obscura

Welcome to have a bath in Sauna Obscura!

Sauna Obscura is a floating sauna and a camera, the surrounding landscape fills the room and moves on the bodies of the bathers, the walls and the steam. Sauna Obscura is a self service sauna open for everyone, you will reach the sauna with a rowing boat. All genders bath together, swimmingsuits are recommended.

Strömfors Sauna

Sauna for rent in Strömfors Iron Works. Well-being treatments and nature experiences. Swimming and ice swimming in the Kymi River. For individuals and groups.