Catch the sights in Loviisa!

It is wonderful just to wander around in Loviisa, but there are some unique sights you do not want to miss.

For example, the beautiful market square and its surroundings, the Bonga Castle, the Kappelinpuisto Park, town museum, old lower town, Suolatori (the ”Salt Square”) and the Laivasilta area with old salt warehouses.

Other points of interest are the Myllyharju windmill and the Kukkukivi tower, a panorama lookout over the sea, the church and the old Strömfors Iron Works.

The fortress bastions Ungern and Rosen are grand landmarks of Loviisa town centre. Designed by Augustin Ehrensvärd, the construction of the fortresses to safeguard the eastern border of Sweden was started in 1748.

You can get a map of the town from the Tourist Office.

Allow yourself to be attracted by Loviisa’s most beautiful sights!