The Historical Houses of Loviisa event August 24th-25th 2019

Loviisan historiallinen alakaupunki - Historiska Nedre Stan i Lovisa - The historical Lower Town

The Historical Houses of Loviisa – traditional Finnish Building and Renovation Days during the last weekend of August is a national summer event favourite since 2005 already. During these days dedicated for traditional construction and renovation, historical over 100-year-old private homes open their doors for the public.

The Historical Houses of Loviisa is also the largest event in Finland opening up gardens and courtyards for the public eye, not forgetting an integral part of the program, recycling of old furniture and artefacts. If you have not experienced this event yet, it is worth a visit! The atmosphere in Loviisa peaks, with over 15,000 guests over the weekend.  

 More information in Finnish can be found here