Local food

Fisherman’s food

Fishmonger and café in Ahvenkoski.

Hommas Nursery Garden

Farm zoo and hemp labyrinth in autumn.

Flowergarden Surprise

Vegetable, summer flowers and seedlings

Labbyn kartano - Labby Gård - Labby Manor

Labby Manor

Organic farm, farm scale permaculture, accommodation-, catering-, renting- and camp operations. Farm tours and coffee for groups by request.

Malmgård manor

Manor, estate shop, cafe and brewery.

In the estate shop we grind and sell our organically grown cereals, including wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, emmer, “lantvete” and “svedjeråg”. Even the cold-pressed turnip rape oil is grown on our fields. In our shop we also sell jams, jellies, juices and vinegar from our gardens. Freshness is our key focus – freshness with preserved aroma and intact nutrients.

Malena Haddas

Milk and first milk by request

Malena’s farm

Malena’s farm offers accommodation in two fully equipped apartments and one room with shared bathroom. We also welcome campers and there are plenty of room to put up your tent on the farm.



Honey products and services for other farmers and companies

Staffas Trädgård-Puutarha

Spring and summer flowers, herb- and vegetable seedlings, also greenservice


Juice service and organic products