Handicraft shops

The art of Loviisa’s artisans and ceramists can be bought at the various events as well as directly from their studios.

Handicrafts can also be bought at the market square and the Laivasilta Marina area and at the Strömfors Iron Works.

Axel and Ida

Handmade product shop in the Strömfors Iron Works.

Open during the summer.

A’la Talli

A colourful little shop, selling local handicraft located in the Strömfors Iron Works.


Open all year round.

Cerisa’s Handicraft Shop

Handmade products


Handicrafts, recycling products, culture, music events and sustainable development.


Marimekko fabrics and equipment for handicrafts


Local handicraft shop at the Strömfors Iron Works.

Peräkammari is situated in the old hose tower, together with two other handicraft shops. Open in summer.

Rikbergkera - keramiikkapaja - keramikversktad - ceramics shop


Ceramics shop and gallery. Open during bigger events and by agreement.

Accommodation possibility in the sauna building beside the ceramics workshop and the gallery, open by agreement.

Rouva Hulda Huoleton - käsityöläispuoti - hantverksboden - handicract shop

Rouva Hulda Huoleton

Handicraft shops in Loviisa art centre Almintalo in the centre and summer shop in Strömfors Iron Works (Ruukintie 11 A, 07970 Ruotsinpyhtää)